About Me


Sarah and kids

I am a father of two and married to a remarkable woman. The kids are pretty close in age, Rudy is 6 and Saf is 4.5. We live in a small terraced cottage by the sea in Portobello, Edinburgh. The community here is awesome, if you don’t believe me check it out.

Until the start of lockdown both my wife and I worked 4 days a week, leaving us with a day each with the kids after school and nursery each week. It was an immensely tiring routine with both of us being managers. Many readers I am sure will be familiar with this routine, little time to enjoy each other’s company or the kids.


I have been in the woodwork and design industry for most of my life. In fact, it was in the family for some 5 Generations. I worked for the family business Whytock & Reid (Cabinetmakers and furnishers) for a number of years . Whytock & Reid had the Royal Warrant over 5 generations! I became self-employed in 2004 with Robbie Reid Furniture and a later business Whisky Barrel Rockers. From 2018 until the present I was the production manager for a small and successful carpentry business.

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What I Love

Spending time outdoors with my family is probably my present favourite thing! Our children are an inspiration to me, coupled with nature and the realization that many of the things you do with them are first experiences, and lasting memories, can’t be beaten. These interactions with my children have also stirred up my old creative imagination. There is no better excuse for throwing on my old rucksack with a packed lunch and heading into Nature! Granted its not like heading into the wilderness and up mountains like life before children, those days are gone (for now). But going out into the wilderness with two wide-eyed kids with a million questions is a new and wonderful experience.

Where next

The lockdown has given me and my wife space to really work out how we want our lives to look going forward. Having space and time with your family and sharing, not only your own experiences but sharing new experiences together, after all, parenting is a new journey and should be enjoyed. Our old system wasn’t working, so what’s the plan? Well I had to work out what strengths skills and passions I have which could be applied in fields other than an hourly wage and here they are:

  • My love of the environment and Nature
  • Creativity with my kids
  • Creative thought
  • Design skills
  • A mass of good contacts in the wood industry

Once I had these I had to work out how to apply them working round family life and hopefully (eventually) earn a living doing it.

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