So what’s this website all about ?

Robbie Reid

It’s about a Dad and his family, nature the environment, craft, adventures on beaches, hills, and woodlands. It’s about kids new experiences in nature and at home. It’s about Dad re-discovering his past skills and design passions through his kids and passing that on the best way he knows how.

It’s about a family learning and growing together with all the laughter, disaster and tears that come with it!

Sarah and kids

The Blog – What to expect

I will be blogging about our family adventures and discoveries with the use of photographs and film. I will also be writing on various topics that I hope people will find interesting including the environment, nature, our future, the day to day of family life and my hysterical children who give us equal amounts of laughter and anguish!


I will be filming some really fun workshops to do with the family both outdoors and at home. These for the most part will be using minimal materials and/or materials found on the beach, in the woods, and in the kitchen cupboard (or Dads shed!). Of course my trusty old rucksack will always have its usual small tools when needed out in the field….as well as the packed lunch for all… Get a taste here.

Selling my stuff

Of course I am going to have to try and make a living! So coming from a design background in the woodworking industry I have had a few eco-friendly product design ideas in the back of my head for many years and hope to bring them to the market sometime in the near future.


Please browse the photographs of great crafty things I have been doing with the kids, including sculptures, drawings and games with the kids indoors and out.